Ask me anything. As long as it does not involve equations.

2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hello, I thought I would leave a message just to say how much I absolutely adore your blog/instagram! I recently found you on instagram (I am @emashibara) and since then I literally cannot stop looking through all your posts – they’re all so beautiful. I am half Japanese half Scottish & currently living in Scotland (I lived in Japan until I was 10) so I find all your posts very relatable and they make me miss Japan a lot. Sorry if this message seems random but I really just wanted to let you know how great your photos are – keep up your amazing work!! Love, Emma x

    • nanorie says:

      Hello Emma! Aw, thanks for your comment. It always means a lot when I get feedback for my blog or instagram :)
      Been busy with work and schoolwork but I will do my best to keep on updating!
      Always been a dream of mine to see Scotland by the way! Lucky you to be surrounded by all that green moors and overall awesome scottishness.

      Take care

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