The short version. 27-year-old non-swedish swede blogs about things worth sticking around for. Lived in Tokyo and Saitama for about 2,5 years. Went back in Stockholm to grab my bachelor in Japanese as well as in export/import management. Looking forward to new adventures in Tokyo this june.

The less short version. The first time I went to Japan was in 2008. I had just finished highschool and wanted to go where no woman had gone before (well, at least in my circle of friends) and ended up in Tokyo, Japan. Exhausted, sweaty and not in the least the bit attractive I arrived at Narita Airport after 15 hours of  peepee soaked heckhole confinement. Pretty much 0% japanese skills (maybe like  2-5%, if you count “Hello, my name is Swedish foreigner”), probably first time ever this far out abroad alone, while reading your name of a list of lost luggage in transit. Trying to make sense of the limited japenglish the staff had to offer as an explanation and then heading off to the subway with only the clothes on my back and some exchanged yen in my pocket I entered a new kind of strange world. Even though I am constantly drifting off to other places, Tokyo has been my secret love-hate lover, constantly stalking me with its’ hightech pink presence, and I keep coming back. Sometimes I want to laugh at/with it, commenting something in the line with “Wow, only in Japan” or raise an eyebrown in a “….Okay.”. Sometimes I feel so childishly frustrated with its’ at times medieval ways of doing or way of seeing things that makes me want to snap my fingers and bring on the Xena Warrior princess within. With all my studies done and over, I’m moving back in June with my Japanese sambo (living together partner-in-crime in Swedish) to integrate myself into the Japanese job world, hopefully learning a new thing or two.



small obsessions: film, television, cafées, music, fika, granola, art, graphic design, food porn, animation, coconut, macrobiotic food, vegan sweets, photography, earl grey tea, cooking, nostalgia, tokyo, coffee, seoul, organic things/living, what if-discussions, people that don’t take themselves too seriously, ombar’s coconut chocolate or blanxart’s 72% chocolate with whole almonds, british comedy (The Almighty Stephen Fry, Simon pegg, Jonathan ross, Dylan Moran, Eddie Izzard, Bill Bailey etc), my nikon FM3a, travelling, having loads to do, doctor who, harry potter, growing herbs, baking, sleeping, smell of rain and also clean laundry, creating new words, life… with a dash of cinnamon & cardamom.

dislikes: close-minded and selfish people, liver (been a pescetarian, or more or less “macrobiotic” which means organic if possible also local veggies, no dairy and a occasional fish, for about 6 years so don’t have to eat that anymore, yay!).

11 thoughts on “About”

  1. jag gillar din blogg, härlig & inspirerande!

    måste fråga, var någonstans fixar jag denna sidan “about”? jag har letat men hittar inte var.

    • Oh, tack!! Gillar din stilrena hemsida. Jag tror det beror på vilket theme du har, men jag fixar det via Menus under fliken Appearance.

  2. Heeej!
    Blev helt waaaah i din blogg. Jättefin!
    Jag vill också flytta till Tokyo, jag undrar hur du bar dig åååt? :)

    • Nathalie says:

      Lättaste vägen dit är nog att åka dit via Blueberry eller någon annan språkresebyrå. Pluggar man på uni kan man oftast hitta något sorts studieutbyte, vet att både Södertörn och SU har ett par stycken. Annars kan jag tipsa om att checka in Japanska Ambassadens stipendier..

  3. hej:)
    i love ur blog(filled with passion!) and love stockholm too!!
    juz went for a trip there in june.
    keep updating,i will be following u.


    • Nathalie says:

      thanks so much! always nice to hear people appreciate the blog :)

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