At the bottom of the pyramid

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Wow, it has been such a long time since I gave so much as a glance at my blog. Went from being a “bad blogger” (hate that term ugh) to letting the blog be abandoned in a car with the windows up during summer-heat peak, destined to meet its end.

But not anymore. I will (there is no try) drag the bull the horns and resurrect this xxx-months forgotten blog once more, sharing some happenings of how it is to be working as a member of Japanese society despite originally not being a part of it. Sometimes in words, sometimes visually only.

It is interesting (sometimes very frustrating) to find yourself in the bottom of the social pyramid that is Japanese culture, especially coming from a culture that in contrast to Japan, has low power distance index and more fluid gender roles.

Nevertheless, life starts when getting outside your comfort zone.


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