Recipe: Raw Very Mary Berry Cake




Valentine is coming up and if you’d think it as a big thing in the West you’ve never been to Japan. The air you breathe is most likely to contain chocolate, that’s how much chocolate and sweets are made, fronted and consumed in local department stores and shops. Even though I’m not one for sweets or overly sweet bread, chocolate is my one weakness, so I fully embrace this season of the brown stuff. Made a raw cake with raspberry and chocolate the other day and almost regret making it since it is hard to resist going to the freezer for another slice. The recipe below is for a cake with 12 cm diameter cause I prefer small but high cakes over wide and large. Japanese translation link also follows since there was a demand for it.



+ Cashewnuts, 30 g
+ Macadamianuts, 30 g
+ Maple syrup or agave, 1/2 Tbsp
+ Coconut oil, 1/2 Tbsp
+ Vanilla extract, 1/2 Tsp
+ Salt, pinch

[Chocolate layer & Raspberry layer]
+ Cashewnuts, 120 g
+ Kanten, 1/2 Tsp (added to 100 ml warm water)
+ Frozen raspberries, 50 g
+ Maple syrup or agave, 1.5 Tbsp
+ Salt, pinch
+ Coconut oil, melted, 60 ml
+ Raw cacao powder, 2 Tbsp

[Chocolate coating]
+ Raw cacao, 1 Tbsp
+ Cacao butter, 1 Tbsp
+ Maple syrup, 1/2 Tbsp

Soak the cashewnuts for the filling at least 4 hours, wash and set aside. Mix the ingredients for the base and press the dough in a 12 cm spring form. Let rest in the fridge while you make the filling. Mix the soaked cashewnuts and maple syrup until smooth (take about 5 min at least, so have patience). Add coconut oil, salt, and kanten. Set aside half of the mixture in a bowl and add cacao to that mix. Mix the remaining mixture with the raspberries until smooth. Pour the chocolate layer in your base, tap the tin on the bench and let it set in the freezer for about an hour before you pour over the remaning raspberry layer. Set in freezer for about 4 hours. Make your chocolate coating and drizzle over the cake before serving.


Not a must, but if you want to make the bon bons I made…
[White chocolate bon bons]
+ Raw cacao butter 85 g
+ Raw cacao powder 35 g
+ Agave 65 g
+ Salt, pinch
+ Raspberry powder

Melt cacaobutter over indirect heat. (Do not let it get hotter than 42 celcius). Let it cool until 26 celcius and return to heat until it rises to 31 degrees celcius. Add all the other ingredients besides the raspberry powder and mix until smooth. Sprinkle some of the raspberry powder into bon bon molds, pour over the chocolate and let set in the fridge.

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