Kusama Yayoi @ Modern Museum

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One one hand, by landing in Tokyo next week I miss the event that most definitely would bring out nostalgic fangasm inside to dangerous levels, the Sailor Moon Exhibition in Omotesando (that ends just one day before I arrive). On the other, I perfectly timed in the opening of Kusama Yayoi’s ‘In infinity’ exhibition that opened for the public on the 11th of June here in Stockholm. Her quirky, bold art made quite an impression on me when I lived in Tokyo and had the opportunity to see some of her work there. When visiting the art-island Naoshima about 3 years ago I saw her famous pumpkin statue in which she had installed in ’94. I’m not ashamed to say that I have never been more excited over a giant sized pumpkin in my entire life (squealing occurred). Recently I have been going through quite heavy matters which has taken it’s toll on me both mentally and psychically. I have come to see that people deal with loss and grief completely different, and while some choose to not know the past because they might find something too grim for them handle, I, myself can’t help myself to search for the truth, not matter how dark it may be. Perhaps it has something to do with my need to be in control of at least something. While talking to people around, even those I’ve never met before in real life, I am in awe of how amazing many of them are, battling their own demons. They take their pain, imperfection, insecurity and create something new and unique out of it. While going from room to room at the exhibit I suddenly feel fired up, not alone, and determined to create something new with my own hands. Problems seem insignificant when viewed from space, where we’re all the same small dots.

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