Rock me Amadeus

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Vienna. First stop in Austria and after being dazzled by the beauty and charm of Prague I have to say that I had a hard time to like you. The unwritten role that one has to tip a waiter even though they provided lousy service (also adding it is more expensive to eat out in Vienna than Stockholm) feels strange to me and I experienced a few waiters (fake) smile turning sour then I didn’t tip. Well, before I realized that tipping was the norm. We ordered coffee specials we couldn’t pronounce*, visited the ‘world most beautiful library’ which I admit was a bit of a Beauty and the Beast moment when Elizabeth Bennet sees that Darcy is actually packed with blingblings and then starts to like him. Oh, sorry, wrong characters.

S and I suffered an unfortunately bad and touristy classical concert at the Konserthaus, we expected full on dead serious philharmonic orchestra, got a potpourri of slapstick humour intertwined in classical music opera pieces. One day later we said goodbye to our nice Airbnd apartment and the eccentric landlord with the constant bed hair and continued our adventurous Austrian roadtrip and jumped on a train to our main goal of this trip – Hallstatt.

*Reload the site if you can’t see the fabulous austrian coffee-gif.

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