praha in colour

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Warning: I bring you some very touristy postcard-esque pictures of my recent and first trip to Prague about 2 weeks ago. You have been warned.

Our main reason for this years summer holiday was created the second I googled “best hiking spots in Europe” and was handed pictures of (straight up nature-porn I might add) a small village in Austria called Hallstatt. I had never heard of it, S had never heard of it, and the must common response I get nowadays when I mention our trip and Hallstatt they just give me a short pause and a stare, wondering if I was speaking in tongues or had crossed some unknown land of Narnia. But when I showed him the pictures of the place that supposedly also was a UNESCO protected area he said short and firmly “That’s where we’re going.” and suddenly, an excel-sheet containing detailed information and schedules for the trip came to exist.

“Prahaha-ha-ha-aa. I have always wanted to go there. It’s pretty close to Vienna right, couldn’t we go there first? Before continuing south to Austria and the whole nature-pornographic experience?”

My image of Prague probably doesn’t differ much from what other people would say when describing this vibrating old soul of a town. Home of classical music and beer thats cheaper than water, basically. S’s version is made up of a scene from Nodame Cantabile when the one of the main characters, Chiaki (at that point 8-years of age) runs along  Karlův most, one of Prague’s iconic bridges, filled with inspired to be the best conductor everrrrr. (*If Japanese animation and stories about underdogs competing in classical music, then maybe it is your cup of tea.)

I still haven’t recovered mentally how cheap and insanely good the food was. 4 days was way to short to visit all the places I’d like to, and perhaps it was a bad move to go to Prague before visiting Vienna which made my wallet scream á la Edvard Munch before turning into a big black hole, swallowing up any withdrawn euro in its way. Flinging yourself from one tourist spot to the other can be fulfilling if it is not too crowded with (in our case) big Chinese tourist groups and if the history behind is fully conveyed to the visitor. I suppose though, that most cities look the brightest at 3 am in the world when there is no other soul to be seen and you are left alone to explore into the foreign.

My love affair with Prague remains unfinished. I am kind of glad for it to tell the truth, since it makes me want to go back soon and immerse myself further into the colourful tunes of Praha (ha-ha-ha).

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