At the bottom of the pyramid

Wow, it has been such a long time since I gave so much as a glance at my blog. Went from being a “bad blogger” (hate that term ugh) to letting the blog be abandoned in a car with the windows up during summer-heat peak, […]

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Recipe: Raw Very Mary Berry Cake

Valentine is coming up and if you’d think it as a big thing in the West you’ve never been to Japan. The air you breathe is most likely to contain chocolate, that’s how much chocolate and sweets are made, fronted and consumed in local department […]


Valley of the Moomin

One of the downsides of working freelance and having an irregular working schedule is that you rarely can synchronize your schedule to mon-fri working friends. I often end up going somewhere I’ve never been before, alone, just taking my camera with me. I’m quite the […]

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It’s been approximately one month after moving from cool and breezy Stockholm, to humid and predictably sticky Tokyo. As previous tenants of the Setagaya-city area a couple of years ago, our decision to once again search for an apartment that wouldn’t rob us entirely was […]

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Career Forum

  One have heard many horror stories from other foreigners settling in at Japanese companies. Long unpaid overtime-hours, bureaucratic ways of handling tasks and registration, unwillingness to listen to new fresh ideas in order to evolve. I remember the first time I read “The Blue-eyed […]

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Kusama Yayoi @ Modern Museum

One one hand, by landing in Tokyo next week I miss the event that most definitely would bring out nostalgic fangasm inside to dangerous levels, the Sailor Moon Exhibition in Omotesando (that ends just one day before I arrive). On the other, I perfectly timed […]

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“Hallstatt. I think we get off here.” The two of us followed the small handful of people who got off the train from Vienna to Hallstatt and in front of us were a very small and old station with the name Hallstatt written in blue […]


Rock me Amadeus

Vienna. First stop in Austria and after being dazzled by the beauty and charm of Prague I have to say that I had a hard time to like you. The unwritten role that one has to tip a waiter even though they provided lousy service […]

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Český Krumlov

To make a dull story short, Český Krumlov is like most east-european small towns, pittoresque, cute and quite uneventful. It comes though with a huge number of asian tourists (probably due to it being listed in japanese and chinese guidebooks as ‘the place to go!’ whereas […]

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praha in colour

Warning: I bring you some very touristy postcard-esque pictures of my recent and first trip to Prague about 2 weeks ago. You have been warned. Our main reason for this years summer holiday was created the second I googled “best hiking spots in Europe” and […]